1. Not having a plan. There are a number of possible outcomes when designing a commercial security system, based on what concerns you most.  We see customers who are most concerned with break-in’s and Burglaries, and some customers who are more concerned with internal theft and shrinkage, to those who worry most about liability issues.  Having a plan for what problems concern you most will ensure that the ultimate design works.
  2. Thinking you know what you want. Technology has changed the way we live.  Security Solutions have changed dramatically in just the last five years as have the threats.  Understanding and researching the multitudes of products and solutions will ensure that you are protecting what matters most, when you need it.  Alarm Systems are more efficient and can integrate with you smart phones.  With video verification central stations can now inform the police en route of what they see on site.  Access control is now cloud based and a very affordable means to control traffic inside you business.  You can now view your video cameras from any computer, tablet, or smart phone for so you are always in touch.
  3. Not comparing price vs. cost. For many companies, installing a security solution is a factor of the lowest price.  While price is an important factor, it is also important to compare the effectiveness of the solution, and your long term cost.  Things to consider when looking at long term costs include the longevity of your service provider.  Will they be here when you need them?  The quality of the central station or call center, how quickly do they answer calls and dispatch the authorities?  Is the solution proposal the right one?  We often speak with security decision makers who are calling us because the alarm systems they had installed did not catch the bad guys, and or the video did not work.  Often times we see a very basic alarm system was installed to reduce the price, unfortunately in these situations the true cost was much higher.

Safe Systems, has been providing commercial security in Colorado for 30 years.  We operate a U.L. Listed central station here in Colorado and answer all calls with a live operator.  We offer a full host of products and services to best meet your specific needs.