Four Home Security Essentials for New Parents

Home Security and New Parents

New parenthood includes a whole new set of challenges, responsibilities, and worries. Safe Systems is here for you to help cut down some of the stress.

Now that there is a newborn in the picture, safety is a priority and keeping your little one out of harm’s way is essential.

The following four home security benefits can help young parents during this time:

1. Extra help! — with the help of bookshelf camera and motion sensors, you are able to check in on the little one without interrupting their sleep. Every parent can use more ways to make the long days and sleepless nights more endurable.

2. Automated safety — with a hundred things going on at once in your life, forgetfulness is inevitable. Whether it is locking the door, turning a light on or off, or needing to change the temperature in the house while you are out, you are able to do it all with a simple phone app.

3. Physical security — protect the family and house with motion sensors and intrusion detection. Here to ensure your precious baby and the rest of your family is safe and sound, we have professionals monitoring your home 24/7 to give you warning when something is amiss.

4. Peace of mind — having a newborn is a handful in itself and we want to make these times easier on you by keeping your home as safe as possible. This way you can give all of your attention to the newest member of the family.


Help is just one phone call away. Call Safe Systems for a free security evaluation at 1-800-446-7519 or use our convenient online link.