Turn your house into a smart home this holiday season. Your Alarm Detection Systems Systems Security Expert can help pick the right solutions to expand your alarm systems’ capabilities through app control and intelligent devices. This short article covers how different alarm system add-ons help make the season more comfortable and manageable.

A secure property begins with the alarm system itself. An alarm panel acts as the brains of the entire system. How you customize your alarm system from there depends on your specific lifestyle needs. Exciting new security functions exist today that connection and automation to any home.

Using Internet-connected light bulbs, home security cameras, smart thermostats, and locks, you can manage your devices through Z-Wave. By running automated schedules for lights and temperature, you will likely save on energy. With the Alarm Detection Systems Total Connect 2.0 app, all of this is possible.

You can also arm/disarm your system, check on camera status, or review events remotely. These features provide the peace of mind that comes with being connected to your smart home devices wherever you go.

  • Control your security system, lights, door, and temperature
  • Save on energy bills
  • View live, streaming video from security cameras
  • Receive alerts for extreme temperatures
ADS Total Connect App

Alarm Detection Systems Total Connect App


Watch Over Holiday Packages

A large portion of Americans has opted to shop online this year. With that increased package traffic, would-be thieves are also more active. Holiday packages are another common winter security concern. Over 1.7 packages disappear every day during the holidays. Doorbell cameras, such as the Skybell, are a great addition if you wish to monitor your deliveries.

Doorbell cameras allow you to receive notifications straight to your phone. The motion sensor in the doorbell will alert you when your package is delivered. This motion detection will also inform you if any suspicious activity is occurring on your porch.

Holiday Packages


Keyless Entry Door Locks

With the use of app control and keyless entry, a smart lock turns your home’s front door into an intelligent access point. Whether you expect a delivery person or a family member, you can let them into your house.

  • Verify a visitor, then unlock remotely
  • View the status of your locks and receive alerts
  • Lock/open your doors from virtually anywhere


Smart Home Temperature Monitoring

A small problem can turn into a threat if it’s allowed to progress for too long. During the winter months, your pipes can be at risk of freezing if you have an issue with your furnace. Alarm Detection Systems offers temperature alarm sensors that alert you of the danger.

  • Save thousands in damages from a burst pipe
  • Keeps a safe environment for your pets
  • Monitor your property even when it is unoccupied


ZWave Lighting Control

This holiday season, you can control your lights from your couch or in another state. You can also create lighting schedules to make it appear you are home while you are away.

  • Integrate with motion detectors
  • Automatically turn lights on/off
  • Control lights remotely


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