Business Alarm Systems

Keeping Your Business Safe And Secure Every Day Of The Year

You own a business. Or you manage one. You already know how many responsibilities fall on your shoulders, but you should never ignore keeping your business, your employees and your customers safe and secure. That’s the primary reason you might be looking for a business alarm system company in Denver.

Whether you run a business, office, school or other commercial establishment, security is always an issue. That includes protecting your business from fires, break-ins and other crimes as well as managing who has access to your business and its assets.

Burglary & Intrusion


Preventing criminals from accessing your property requires a comprehensive security system that includes elements like perimeter door and window protection, interior intrusion sensors and security cameras. In addition, we provide temperature and environmental monitoring and connectivity to lighting and HVAC systems if desired.


Security cameras improve the safety of your employees and customers and also can help prevent vandalism, theft and other crimes. We offer IP security cameras with digital video recorders or network video recorders to help safeguard your business, regardless of type or size. We can also provide temporary video surveillance for new construction or when you’re renovating or expanding your existing structure.


A fire can quickly destroy your business, resulting in loss of life and assets. Minimize the risk by opting for a Denver business alarm system. We offer fire alarm equipment that we design and install. We also monitor and test equipment and repair it when necessary.


Part of what you want from a business security system in Denver is a way of monitoring and limiting who can access your office or workplace. We offer card access systems for employees that include keypad, swipe and key fob options. We can also easily integrate card access with video entry access programs and other systems.


Your business is protected all of the time, not just during work hours. Nights, weekends, holidays — if an alarm goes off, our trained operators are equipped to respond and handle any emergency

The Benefits of Hiring Alarm Detection Systems

While we offer your business state-of-the-art security systems, we promise something even more valuable — peace of mind. Consider the added benefits of choosing an alarm system from Alarm Detection Systems:

  • Lowered risk of crimes including theft, vandalism and burglary
  • Reduced risk of fire and related emergencies
  • Greater sense of security for your employees and visitors
  • Possible savings on insurance premiums

When looking for a commercial security system in Denver, keep in mind that Alarm Detection Systems serves businesses of all sizes throughout the area. We’ll work with you, keeping your business’s unique needs in mind, to design a security system that will help protect you, your employees and your assets. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your business safe and secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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