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Controlled Facility Access Can Protect Your Business and Your Employees

Your card access system allows you to know who enters and exits your facility including employees, contractors, customers and other visitors. At Alarm Detection Systems, Inc., we provide the fastest and best access control system installation in Colorado as well as the maintenance your system needs to continue performing optimally. Your Denver card access system can monitor a single door or numerous entries and locations throughout your facility. We use state-of-the-art technology in conjunction with our award-winning central monitoring station to give you complete control over who is allowed to access your facility.

When you choose Alarm Detection Systems for your entry control system in Colorado, you enjoy efficient and secure restricted access services.

Colorado Card Access System Services

Alarm Detection Systems makes implementing a card access system at your facility or business easy, from Colorado card access system installation to maintenance, management and more. In addition to providing around-the-clock access restriction, we supply detailed reports of each entry and exit and offer current technologies including electromagnetic locks, biometric readers and more.

Alarm Detection Systems provides:

  • 24/7 Access Management
  • Remote System Administration
  • Alarm Processing
  • Detailed Reports

Access control that incorporates:

  • Keypads
  • Proximity Card Readers
  • Smart Card Technologies
  • Biometric Readers
  • Portrait Badging
  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Electric Strikes

The Benefits of Card Access Systems

Restricted entry can provide a number of benefits for your business or facility. Whether you’re interested in restricting access to certain areas or monitoring the movements of your employees, customers and other visitors, a card access system can secure many aspects of your business. The following are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when purchasing a Denver card access system from Alarm Detection Systems.

  • Recorded history of entrance times for employees and other personnel
  • Improved employee safety with more secure premises and zero access for non-employees
  • No more fumbling around with keys, which are easy to misplace or duplicate
  • Reduced chance of theft, with limited access to areas that house costly equipment or sensitive information
  • Peace of mind while you’re away from your business

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