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Vacation Home Security

Vacation Homes

  Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your vacation home without worry? Did you know you can prep your vacation house for a warm welcome long before you arrive? How about making sure utilities are off when not in use? … Continue reading

Water Leak Alerts

Water Leak Detection

Many property owners associate alarms with intruders, but that leaves out alarms that protect against accidents, such as fire alarms, and water leak alarms. Water leak detection also plays a vital role in a complete security solution. Water damage occurs … Continue reading

Take Control of Your Valuables & Fire Arms!

Security systems do much more than detecting an intruder. Safe Systems, Inc. combines technology with expertise to answer all kinds of security needs. We help customers protect valuable items in their home by adding alarm sensors to specific areas of … Continue reading

Home Security: Doorbell Cameras

Skybell Video Doorbell

What is a doorbell camera? Doorbell cameras are a relatively recent feature developed for home security systems. They provide a new level of protection at the front door for homeowners and residents which has never been available before. A doorbell … Continue reading

Hardwired vs. Wireless Alarm Systems

Honeywell Wireless Home Security Panel

For homeowners or businesses in need of electronic security, there are exciting new options in the market today. It is easier than ever to customize a security system for your specific needs. There are differences and distinct advantages between hardwired … Continue reading

Protecting Pets and Home While You’re Away

In this post, we discuss how our pet-friendly alarm system does more than protect your property, it safeguards everyone at home — including pets. Motion detectors exchange information to several devices around the house. These devices have an infrared sensor … Continue reading

Colorado Crime Statistics

Colorado Crime Statistics

Four Home Security Essentials for New Parents

Home Security and New Parents

New parenthood includes a whole new set of challenges, responsibilities, and worries. Safe Systems is here for you to help cut down some of the stress. Now that there is a newborn in the picture, safety is a priority and … Continue reading

Time to Travel with Peace of Mind

Travel & Home Security

Summer is finally upon us and for some of us that means packing up and hitting the road for a much needed vacation. Don’t forget to keep your home and valuable possessions safe while you’re away. Have a worry free … Continue reading

Service That Shines Like Five Diamonds

Five Diamond Customer Care

Ever wonder who is on the other end of the phone line at the Central Monitoring Station of Safe Systems? Our staff is made up of highly-trained operators. They are prepared to respond to nearly any alarm situation. As a result, … Continue reading