Safe Systems Home Security

Our sales consultants and technicians install home security systems based on customer’s needs. That is our business model. Human intelligence is built into what we sell. We offer live phone assistance after the purchase.

DIY systems offer a cheaper alternative for smaller homes. These types of systems often include three door sensors and one motion detector. They may not be able to support more devices like a sump pump monitor or back porch camera. Our professional systems are designed to expand as needs change. Safe Systems is an authorized 2GiG equipment dealer.

Many DIY systems do not require a contract. We use contracts to provide advanced products and superior customer service. It is a common practice among reputable alarm companies to have them. Consumers are presented with this same choice for a host of goods and services. You can walk into a cell phone store and buy low-end technology upfront or make monthly payments on a new iPhone.

Then there is our customer experience. Our equipment is monitored by an award-winning central monitoring station. Our operators are trained to deal with security events and connect to first responders. This is a big contrast to self-monitoring systems. Safe Systems also offers a comprehensive service and repair program. We offer same-day service. Out team can replace parts with little or no service interruption. We understand the appeal and value of DIY solutions. For some consumers it is a good fit. We believe that better home security requires the expertise of technicians.

 We have learned a lot working with 10,000 customers in Colorado. Our new systems offer temperature control, video alerts, and pet monitoring. The dedicated sales team at Safe Systems can review all the options for your home or business. Click here for a free, no-obligation security review.