Access Control

Many business owners have dealt with the situation of an ex-employee who still has keys to their facility after they no longer work for the company.

When an employee refuses or will not return keys, you can find yourself in a tough situation. For example, some businesses cannot afford to wait days or weeks for lost or stolen keys. Ultimately, the company has to change the locks when they can’t account for all the copies of keys in circulation.

The solution – managed access control

Certainly. the best long-term solution for businesses is to upgrade from physical key locks and install a modern access control system.

Access control systems provide secure and safe access to commercial buildings, offices, and industrial spaces without the need for traditional metal keys. Also, access control offers detailed analytics of individuals coming and going.

As a result, your business will be more secure and you will have customizable security options for all employees, which may be updated or revoked immediately.

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Types of access components:

    • Keypads
    • Keycards
    • Proximity card readers
    • Biometric readers
    • Portrait badging
    • Electromagnetic locks
    • Electric strikes


Benefits of keyless access controls

      • Immediately turn access on/off for employees
      • Secure certain areas of your facility while allowing access to others
      • Use a single key card for readers at multiple locations
      • Limit employee access during non-business hours
      • Receive detailed entry/exit history logs
      • Integrate with security cameras and security systems
      • Issue individual security credentials
      • Control movement for multi-shift work environments
      • Manage access controls while off-site

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A Alarm Detection Systems business security expert can help make sure your access control system meets all of your Colorado business’ needs. After installation, our technicians ensure the equipment is in optimal working condition with periodic service and inspection.

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