Fire Alarm Systems

Alarm Detection Systems provides fire detection and fire suppression systems for commercial facilities. We can submit plans, install, monitor, test, and service your fire alarm system.

Certified Fire Alarms & Smoke Detectors for Business

We offer a comprehensive selection of fire safety and suppression systems from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our commercial fire products are UL listed, so you can be confident that you’ll get the best performance. We offer:

  • Fire Alarm System Design
  • Plan Submission
  • Installation
  • Alarm System Monitoring
  • Testing and Repair

Your Commercial Fire Alarm System

Adding or expanding a business fire alarm system requires an understanding of the fire codes. That means working with a company well versed in the federal, state, and local guidelines. Alarm Detection Systems removes the confusion and stress from the process. Our trained and certified staff will work with you through every step of the fire alarm system process.

Alarm Detection Systems has a solid safety reputation in Colorado. Our online reviews tell the complete story. Our team will work with the local authority responsible for approving your systems.

They understand the ins and outs of compliance. Therefore, your submittals will be timely. No matter the size of your property is, we can help with the process. That is why you hire a team of experts.

 The quality of your system is essential. It’s also essential to have a comprehensive maintenance and service plan to keep it in excellent working condition. Otherwise, you may not be able to depend on it when you need it the most. Our in-depth testing and repair services make us the best fire alarm company in Colorado.


Addressable vs. Conventional Fire Alarms

As the first class would suggest, every device connected to an addressable system has a unique address. The device address shows up on the commercial fire alarm control panel when a fire occurs. Thus, pinpointing the exact location of the problem for emergency response.

A conventional fire alarm system does not have a pinpoint an exact location. However, a building with such a fire system can use different wiring zones. For example, if a building has two floors, they could be wired as Zone 1 and Zone 2.

The two have wiring differences that affect the cost of installation. Addressable fire alarm systems use a loop. All the devices utilize a single wire to connect back to the alarm control panel. In a conventional fire system, each device connects back the control panel using a dedicated wire. 

A typical example would be a pull station that requires a wire in a conventional system.

When evaluating your fire alarm system needs, a Safe-Systems fire protection expert will go over several options with you. Our goal is to maximize reliability within your budget.

Design, Submittals, Installation, Testing, Inspections, and Maintenance


All from one shop means less interruption to your business and likely cost savings.


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Fire Alarm System Testing

Your fire alarm system will only correctly operate if it is well maintained and tested regularly.

There several guidelines to consider when setting up a fire testing schedule. We can help you meet the standards of the National Fire Alarm Code, local building departments, and the fire inspector. Your insurance carrier can reject any commercial claims if you do not have proof of complete yearly inspections.

Limit your potential liability for any injuries suffered by tenants, employees, or guests at your location. Regular fire equipment testing can also save you costly fines incurred by triggering false alarms.

We test & visually inspect:

  • Panel functionality, LED’s, and fuses
  • Panel battery charger
  • Battery discharge
  • Horns, strobes, chimes, and bells
  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Duct smoke detectors
  • Voice alarm equipment

*Alarm Detection Systems Meets ALL Requirements from the NFPA.

More information on business fire alarms check out:

Not sure what the local schedule requirements are for testing your fire system? One of our qualified fire experts is ready to research your local fire code and evaluate your fire safety and suppression systems at no charge. We can also inspect fire hoses, extinguishers,sprinkler systems, hydrants, pumps, and backflows.

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Why Choose Alarm Detection Systems?

In business since 1968, Alarm Detection Systems can protect your employees and property with a commercial fire alarm system. We help each of our customers estimate the commercial fire alarm system cost per square foot. Our team of more than 100 certified fire technicians is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Even on weekends and holidays, we will be at your location as soon as possible. Give yourself the peace of mind you need to focus on serving your clients by contacting us today.

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