For homeowners or businesses in need of electronic security, there are exciting new options in the market today. It is easier than ever to customize a security system for your specific needs. There are differences and distinct advantages between hardwired and wireless alarm systems which can impact your choice of alarm equipment.

What are wireless alarm systems?

Wireless security incorporates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio, Cellular, or another form of wireless communication instead of physical wiring. These wireless devices are battery-powered, which means that periodically their batteries will need replacement. Also, wireless alarm systems have transmission limitations over great distances and may require a repeater.


What are hardwired alarm systems?

A hardwired security system is where the alarm keypad, sensors, smoke detectors, or other devices communicate with the control panel by physical wires. The wiring for alarms and sensors typically run behind walls, crawl spaces, ceilings, floors, and other parts of a home or business.

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Differences between wireless and hardwired alarm systems:

The clear difference between these security systems comes down to how the sensors communicate with the control panel, through wires or radio signals. It creates some advantages and disadvantages to the different security systems.

Wireless security systems are usually easier and faster to install because they do not require a wire to be run throughout a building. However, for hardwired systems, the advantage is that signals running through wires will not suffer from interference from other devices.

Upgrading both hardwired and wireless systems to new models or devices is possible because most systems have compatible components.  Wireless systems technology continues to develop, and some devices are portable enough to take to another place of residence. Providing options for renters.

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What is better for you, wireless or hardwired?

Determining the best security systems are based on the needs you have and the property you will be protecting. Safe Systems located in Colorado, always creates customized security systems for every customer. You can speak with a Safe Systems security expert to help you choose the system that meets all your needs.

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