Keeping a warehouse running smoothly during the workday can be difficult. People who shouldn’t be onsite in specific areas in the first place (such as non-employees) cost warehouses and manufacturing plants big money every day. Aside from people with proper training and gear, access to specialized areas needs control —this includes employees who work elsewhere in the facility. Limiting access at a facility and allowing no exceptions for friends, family members, or anyone else who is not on-site to perform a specific task can limit/prevent:

  • Intrusion
  • Distraction
  • Employee injury
  • Loss of productivity
  • Equipment damage
  • Inventory theft

Key Card Access Systems

Safe Systems, Inc. (SSI) has everything you need to keep track of visitors and what areas employees should have access. With a key card access system in place, customers can have the ability to restrict areas based on specific privileges for each employee. Imagine a warehouse that has a designated room which houses sensitive material. Without a card access system, employees may be allowed to enter this sensitive area without restraint. Putting a card access system in place will permit only authorized individuals to have permission to enter.

Access/Video Intercom systems are also a big help when it comes to keeping track of visitors in your building. With these systems in place, visitors will first need permission to enter the building. After gaining access, business owners have the choice of designating what areas they will be able to enter. In fact, maintaining employee safety and Safeguarding inventory goes hand in hand with Access and Intercom systems. Making sure to keep visitors and employees only in designated areas can create a safer and more profitable warehouse operation.

Security Camera Systems

Another addition that can be useful to warehouse safety is security camera systems. With a camera system in place, business owners can monitor any part of their warehouse that they feel fit. For example, with a camera system using a digital video recorder (DVR), business owners can go back to recorded saved material when necessary. Some DVR’s will store up to 45 days of footage. This footage allows the ability to go back and view a break-in, an accident that occurred on-site, or even keep an eye on productivity during the workday.

Furthermore, some camera systems even allow business owners instant notification when motion occurs in a particular area. With a video-verification system, short clips transmit to our on-site central station monitoring center for the validity of an alarm. These clips allow our operators to see firsthand what activity is occurring on-site. Our operators can communicate to first responders precisely what is happening on site before they arrive at the premises. These systems not only give an accurate look at activity from within, but they also aid in decreasing false alarms.

Professional Monitoring

Keeping your warehouse monitored 24/7/365 is crucial for business safety. Professional monitoring helps in preventing significant losses that may occur due to fire damage. In addition, SSI can install, service, and inspect commercial fire alarm systems in the Denver area. All of our commercial fire and smoke alarm systems are UL listed. With a monitored fire system, our central station monitoring center can dispatch local fire authorities as soon as an alarm signal is received. Additionally, SSI offers monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual fire alarm inspections. Keeping a fire alarm inspected and serviced aids in assuring that all aspects of the fire alarm system will function properly. If any discrepancies are found during an inspection, our service department can make any repairs necessary to get the system running 100%.

As a Colorado-based business in the industry for over 37 years, SSI recognizes the importance of keeping all aspects of business protected. We have witnessed many cases of unauthorized individuals gaining access to buildings, fires, and theft. With knowledge of many different scenarios, our Commercial Security Consultants can guide business owners in picking a system that matches their specific needs.

Safe Systems can help you keep your warehouse safe and protected. Our Commercial Security Consultants can assist you at 1.800.446.7519


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