With the many security options on the market today, how would one classify these devices? At Safe Systems, Inc., we look at, two distinct groups, life safety devices and those that offer convenience. We protect lives and property with reliable equipment and the expertise of hundreds of employees. In a security emergency, a customer needs the alarm system to function. Onsite signals, contact to authorities, and proper response all need to happen in the right order at the correct times.

That’s a great deal of responsibility for a home alarm user to take on themselves. Sometimes it is best not to cut corners and use technology that can only do half the job. It is why thousands of residents in the front range area choose us to watch over what’s most important.

We have so many life safety devices in our homes; sometimes, we forget how important they are. Life safety devices include burglar alarms, fire alarms, panic buttons, medical units, environmental alarms, and co detectors. Safe Systems is here to install, maintain, and monitor all of these devices.

Burglar alarms include both perimeter and interior devices that send signals when triggered. If someone unwanted is in your home, you must know and direct the proper authorities. Your burglar alarm allows for the ability of monitored fire devices as well.

Our professional installers make sure smoke and heat detectors reside in proper locations throughout your home. Safe Systems also offers environmental alarms and CO detectors. Environmental alerts include sump pump/flood detection and temperature monitoring. Leaving your home alone for long periods, can at times be worrisome. Especially living in the Denver area, winters here can tend to be pretty brutal. Temperature and flood detection devices help put you at ease. Know that these monitored devices will alert professionals when activated.

Self-monitored alarm systems eliminate much of the support you would regularly receive from an alarm company. The cost savings could quickly result in added stress. Sensors from Do-It-Yourself equipment notify you directly via the Internet. If your WI-FI is interrupted or the phone battery is dead, no alerts come through. Checking in falls on you.

So what happens if you are asleep or lose cellular service? As much as we rely on our cellphones, there are software freezes and battery failures. Not to mention if you are sleeping or riding an airplane at the time of a security alert. If you are the only person looking at your account, you could be placing your home at risk. The core issue is life safety versus convenience.

A typical alarm panel has a thirty to sixty-second delay before sending an alert to the central monitoring station. This grace period allows the user to disarm the system when arriving home or if they accidentally activate it. After that, the monitoring station gets the notification. A trained operator initiates a response based on protocol. At Safe Systems, we familiarize ourselves with your emergency contact list and the specific functions of your security.

Alarm verification is a generic name given to techniques used to determine probable crimes in progress. Police use this information to differentiate between an actual emergency and a false alarm. A verified threat will often lead up to an 85% quicker response time from the police.

For non-life safety events, self-monitoring becomes less of an issue. Third-party devices controlled by apps are perfect for turning the lights on or closing the garage door. App control devices work in concert with your core security system. Lifestyle and convenience technology need not be replaced by one or the other.

In an actual security event such as a fire or home-invasion, response time is critical. The significant component of professionally monitored home systems is connecting to first responders. Home security equipment will not contact the authorities automatically when a sensor is activated. There is an essential human component. Part of paying for professional monitoring is having a trained representative watching your properties’ alarm activity 24/7/365.

Our central station is staffed 24/7/365 by trained professionals. When it comes to handling an alarm received from your home, we respond based on your personalized directions. Safe Systems uses two separate call lists. As our customer, you decide who you would like called in the event of an alarm and how many people you would like us to try to reach before contacting the local authorities. Immediate dispatch to the fire department happens on every fire alarm signal received.

Most live convenience services offered by Safe Systems can work with apps readily available online. Imagine this. You have invited a family member over for dinner, but you are running late coming home from the office. With the technology offered by Safe Systems, an alert is sent directly to your phone upon activation of your doorbell. With just the push of a button, you can view and speak with your visitor. You let your family member know that you are running behind schedule and will be home shortly –no need to feel bad about having them wait out in the car for you to arrive.

Using the same app, you can give them access to your home. Within seconds, you can disarm your alarm and unlock your front door –no need to give out your code that should stay protected. With the convenience of one application, your family member was able to enter your home and wait for you to arrive.

Other conveniences available include the ability to control the lights in your home. Not a fan of arriving in a dark house? No worries, we have you covered. Z-wave technology allows you to turn your lights on and off using the same app mentioned earlier. Even more, this app allows you the ability to control your thermostat. We have an all in one feature ready for all of your convenience needs. Take a look at all that the Total Connect App is capable of:

  • Arm/Disarm System
  • Bypass a zone or multiple zones
  • View alarm activity
  • View live camera feed
  • View saved video clips
  • Speak to individuals at your front door
  • Lock and unlock your doors
  • Control lights and thermostat

Safe Systems can offer all of the services mentioned in this article. We are your one-stop local shop for all of your home security. Whether it be life safety or live convenience features, our professionals are here and ready to help. You may reach us by phone at 1.800.466.7519 or text us at 605.202.7957.

About Safe Systems, Inc.

Safe Systems is one of the largest alarm firms in Colorado. It has been family-owned since 1982. Safe Systems provides business alarms, fire alarms, card access, security cameras, and home security systems. Our main office is in the Denver metro area. We service all of Denver, Boulder County, Northern Colorado, the Eastern Plains, and Colorado Springs.