School Teacher with Panic Button

Pendant alarms and panic buttons provide additional security in places where restricting access is not practical.

Fore example, retail businesses cannot lock their doors and buzz each customer inside individually. Additionally, places of worship and school campuses both require some degree of public access.

These are examples of the types of places that can gain additional protection by allowing an employee to carry a wireless alarm pendant. Therefore, an instant alert from someone close at hand can make a big difference.

As a result, these types of security devices can become valuable add-ons to an existing alarm system.

Pendant alarms and panic buttons offer:

  • Peace of mind and increased flexibility
  • Fast connections
  • Quiet and discreet activation
  • More alarm capability for your current system at a low cost

 Time is critical in a security event. A wireless alarm pendant can alert first responders without its user having to go to a specific area to push an alarm.

Furthermore, a pendant offers an employee mobility and the ability to alert authorities from any location. Individuals can hide in a secure place and hit a button silently and inconspicuously. Additionally, our trained central station operators will receive the notification and take the appropriate measures.

Alarm Detection Systems, a Colorado based company, offers different types of security alerts depending on your needs. In brief, panic buttons and alarm pendants can provide greater flexibility and faster reaction time. This reaction time, in turn, can save lives.

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