When cold weather arrives in our area, you can assure that your home or business and everything in it is safe when you install a low-temperature monitoring system. Installing a temperature monitoring system can help give you peace of mind when you travel or when you are at work. Besides monitoring for low temperature during winter, your device can also notify you immediately of high-temperature issues. Many people neglect to have their furnace cleaned. During heavy winter usage, this could cause your heating system to flare up and start a fire.

Reaction times for changes in the environment are critical. An inconvenience can turn into a problem if it’s allowed to progress for too long. During the winter months, your pipes can be at risk of freezing if you have an issue with your furnace. Safe-Systems offers you low-temperature alarm systems that can protect your home or business.

Low Temperature Monitoring

The placement of heat detectors is near a furnace and other critical areas. Low-temperature monitoring devices are in proximity to pipes. These provide automatic high or low-temperature monitoring and send instant alerts to your mobile device in the event of an issue and also alert our central station operator at the Safe-Systems monitoring center right here in Colorado. If there is a threat of fire, Safe-Systems will immediately alert first responders of the situation. Response times for emergencies are critical; that’s why your security system is always monitored by a trained professional who can respond accordingly.

Our professional temperature monitoring system means there is always someone monitoring the safety of your property, ready to take action, even when you can’t. If you have a low-temperature alert system with your home automation system, our operator can open the doors to allow a service technician inside to repair your furnace. Temperature monitoring can also be useful for landlords and property managers. During a deep freeze, you won’t have to worry about frozen pipes in an unoccupied property. You will not have to worry about tenants of your property being unaware of an issue.

Benefits of temperature monitoring systems:

  • Instant alerts of high or low-temperature readings
  • Could save you thousands in damages from a burst pipe
  • Monitors property even when it is unoccupied
  • Keeps a safe environment for your pets
  • Can be integrated with security and home automation
  • Protects second homes and vacation properties
  • Can alert first responders immediately of a potential fire
  • Protects commercial or residential properties

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