Security Cameras
For over 30 years, Alarm Detection Systems keeping Colorado safe has been our main commitment. For us it stems from a passion to protect lives, property and assets. Additionally, incorporating video as part of you security makes financial sense for you personally and professionally.

With new & improved HD quality and the ability to view cameras from your cellular phone, tablet or pc, Video Services from Alarm Detection Systems is easy to use and an important part of protecting your home or business.

Commercial Video Security has been shown to dramatically reduce inventory shrinkage, liability incidents such as fraudulent slip and fall claims, increased employee safety practices and productivity.

Furthermore, Residential Video Security allows you to view what’s going on at your home when you are there or not.

Video Verification. An alarm system that sends our local, UL listed central station a video after the trigger of your alarm, reducing false alarms and increasing arrests. These work wirelessly and are for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Offsite Storage. In addition to storing recordings on a local hard drive, we can deliver them to an off site server bank so even if bad guys or employees tamper or damage your local storage, you will still have the admissible evidence.

Video Management Systems. You can have the ability to look at multiple sites and locations on one screen on the go.

In brief, from simple to complex, we have the expertise to design and install a video security application. The applications will meet your budget and needs.
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About Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.

Alarm Detection Systems is one of the largest alarm firms in Colorado. It has been family-owned since 1968. Alarm Detection Systems provides business alarmsfire alarmscard accesssecurity cameras, and home security systems. Our main office is in the Denver metro area. We service all of Denver, Boulder County, Northern Colorado, the Eastern Plains, and Colorado Springs.