SafeLink Radio

Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Safe link Radio– without any reliance on third-party networks.

Safe Systems owns and operates a proprietary wireless network, providing multiple paths of communications to our award-winning central monitoring station. Our radio network is a reliable technology for applications that need to communicate data over a large geographic area at a low monthly cost. As a primary or back-up solution, SafeLink Radio features NFPA 72 fire, UL864, and UL-AA burglary monitoring for integration with your commercial alarm system.

  • Substantial savings when replacing phone lines for alarm reporting
  • A single radio that can be used for security & fire alarm systems
  • UL-AA burglary & NFPA 72 compliancy
  • Accessible support staff from a family-owned, local company

Denver Code-Compliance

Contractors in the Denver area reported they are failing final inspections due to a recent Denver code update that affects how alarms communicate to a monitoring facility. SafeLink Radio meets the new code changes and will take the worry out of your next final inspection. With SafeLink Radio, you will eliminate the need for phone lines and provide a fast,affordable,and reliable communication method inspectors have come to recognize and trust.


Alarm Monitoring Backup

Telephone lines are typically used in alarm systems as the main method of communicating with the Central Station. When a phone line is interrupted in a non-redundant system, the monitoring station has no way of receiving notifications from the alarm. Radio backup is a proven technology to ensure the system continues to send a signal in the event of land-line failure.

Cutting Alarm Communications

  • Provides monitoring when phone lines go down
  • Eliminates costly, false alarms
  • Meets UL , NFPA, and AA Certifications
  • Features battery operation that can exceed 48 Hours

Get a state-of-the-art radio transmitter added to your alarm system. Even if you are not a current Safe Systems customer you can take advantage of this great service. Just sign up for a regular burglar or fire alarm monthly monitoring agreement at the time of the install.

Rest easy knowing your new system has virtually unbeatable communications.

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