Convenience – If you forget to lock the door, close the garage, turn on/off the lights or coffee maker, you can do it from your smartphone.

• Accessibility – Control who and when people access your home, instead of giving out keys you can’t retrieve.

• Save energy – Control your lights and thermostats automatically and on-the-go, allowing for weather changes and other environmental issues.

• Real time notification – Receive an instant video clip on your smartphone, tablet or computer of specific events – like when the kids get home, when a package is delivered, or when the maid comes and goes.

• Live view of your home any time – Click to see a live view of your babysitter or other caretaker, your liquor or medicine cabinet, or even the teens when they’re home alone.

Use SafeLink Remote Services to put your mind at ease about your family and home’s safety – even when you’re not there. For more information about creating a custom solution using SafeLink Remote Services, request a quote online.

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