Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your vacation home without worry?

Did you know you can prep your vacation house for a warm welcome long before you arrive? How about making sure utilities are off when not in use?

The features below save money on energy bills and limit the risk of damage to property.

You can connect to the home’s security services anytime. From virtually anywhere you have the ability to selectively control items in your home.

Abilities Include: 

  • Arm and disarm the security
  • Unlock and lock the front door
  • Open and close the garage door
  • Remotely control lights
  • Remotely change thermostat
  • Turn off well pump, village water supply, or water heater

Vacation Homes

Safe Systems,Inc. (SSI) will give you peace of mind by monitoring your vacation home. We provide professional monitoring of fire alarm and intrusion systems.

Our onsite facility is staffed around the clock 365 days a year. Highly-skilled operators are trained to respond to emergencies.

We provide notification of:

  • Power Loss
  • Loss of heat
  • Sump pump failure
  • Any other critical functions of your vacation home

Our team at can lighten the work involved with owning a vacation home.

We inform you of what is going inside and around the property. We can save you a trip by providing the ability to control the home’s systems remotely.

In conclusion, to learn about all the security features we have to offer, call 1.800.446.7519.


About Safe Systems, Inc.

Safe Systems is one of the largest alarm firms in Colorado. It has been family-owned since 1982. Safe Systems provides business alarmsfire alarmscard accesssecurity cameras, and home security systems. Our main office is in the Denver metro area. We service all of Denver, Boulder County, Northern Colorado, the Eastern Plains, and Colorado Springs.