Businesses without alarms are more likely to be burglarized than those that do have them. But even a great alarm system won’t always stop the most tenacious burglars from trying. Business security systems that protect retail, dealerships, schools, warehouses, construction sites, mom and pop shops, residences, and more, are evolving. And modern technology is leading to higher apprehension rates, fewer false alarms, and more comprehensive protection. This article will help you understand all video verification benefits.



Video Verification is the pairing of alarm notifications with live video clips of whatever caused the alarm. It allows central station operators to see what is activating the alarm — verifying if there is actual criminal activity occurring, or if it’s a false alarm. At the same time, business owners get a notification if an intruder is detected.

That’s right. Video Verification lets operators catch burglars in the act. Therefore, they are able to deploy police officers to the site while the crime is in progress.
A promising prospect, given the impact, both financial and emotional, a burglary can have on business.


How Video Verification Works

Video verification makes security systems more efficient and effective, but it’s still relatively unknown to many business owners.

Central monitoring station operators are then able to see the footage right away and determine whether the trigger is a false alarm or worthy of a police dispatch. Conventional alarm systems might detect the tripping of an alarm sensor, but they can’t confirm the cause. With more information at their disposal, law enforcement and alarm owners can implement a safer plan of action upon alarm activation, and that’s where video verification comes in.


Why is Video Verification So Valuable?


  • Reduced False Alarms – Businesses paying for monitored alarm systems want the fastest police response available. However, in areas with a high false alarm rate, some law enforcement agencies employ what is called a Verified Response Protocol. Without confirmation of an actual crime, authorities may not dispatch to your property. However, a video verified alarm system allows station dispatchers to confirm via video, while a break-in is in progress. Reducing costly false alarms regarding cost and precious response time from authorities.
  • Increased Apprehension Rates – A significantly faster response means more arrests for police and less success for burglars. Video verification systems also capture video before, during, and after a break-in. This feature provides valuable evidence and real-time information for police. Meanwhile, central monitoring station operators can monitor video silently and alert police without ever letting the intruder know that they’re in for trouble.
  • Around-the-Clock Operator Support – As with any security system from Safe Systems, highly-trained personnel monitor subscriber accounts from our Central Station in Colorado 24/7/365.

 Learn More About Video Verification Benefits

Today’s alarm systems must work even harder to stop burglars. Video verification, in tandem with a local, expert monitoring and response team, is the most powerful strategy you can have for protecting your business from theft. Learn more about how video verification can work for your business, give us a call at 1.800.446.7519.


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