Safe Systems and local Police departments are receiving large numbers of complaints from our loyal customers about door-to-door sales workers using dishonest sales tactics in an attempt to scam homeowners to either switch their Safe Systems’ security system to out of state companies or persuade them to buy a brand new unnecessary security alarm system from their company.

These disreputable security alarm companies employ temporary summer workers to aggressively canvass neighborhoods selling residential security systems. They often use unethical and dishonest sales tactics meant to mislead and confuse the homeowner. They have proven to target not only people already under contract with other alarm companies, but also the elderly, intimidating them using the fear of living alone to over-sell unsuspecting seniors.

Safe Systems, wants you to be aware of some of the tactic themes summer workers use:

  • They will often say that they work for a security system manufacturer.
  • They may state that they work for Safe Systems and knock on your door with no appointment.
  • They may say they are there to “upgrade” your existing system.
  • They may say they are only offering a certain number of “free” systems in your neighborhood.
  • They may misrepresent that Safe Systems is “going out of business”.
  • Exercise caution when entrusting your family’s security. Take the following steps to ensure you always deal with a reputable alarm professional:
  • Call Safe Systems immediately at 303-444-1191 if someone comes to your door and attempts to discuss your security system.

A reputable security provider would never expect you to discuss your security needs or your security system with a perfect stranger.

It’s important to report these unethical sales people in order to get them off the streets. If you feel you have been approached by one of these companies, please contact your Safe Systems’ Representative or send it directly to:

The Department of Regulatory Agencies
Attorney General’s Office – Consumer Protection
1525 Sherman Street, 7th Floor – Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 1-800-222-4444

Safe Systems, Inc.
Attn: Customer Care Center
421 S. Pierce Ave. – Louisville, CO 80027

Please do not hesitate to contact a Safe Systems professional at 303-444-1191 if you have any questions or would like further information.